Women's Holistic Business Academy

Women's Holistic Business Conference 

3 Day Holistic Business Training, November 2-4 at Sparkling Hill Resort

Are you ready to get your holistic business going?

Are you trying to fill your wellness practice?
Are you tired of struggling to fill your workshops?
Do you want to have the confidence to start speaking and reaching more people?

The Women's Holistic Business Conference is a gathering of women who are rising in their leadership and growing businesses in alignment with feminine, holistic values.

During this three day training, you'll be guided by your Holistic Business Mentor, Elizabeth Beeds through a step-by-step system to build your business. Whether you've been in practice for years or you are just starting, you'll learn systems and strategies to get your business thriving in a way that also supports your life. 

In this heart-centered approach to business you will...
• Create a Holistic Business Plan so that 2019 can be your best year ever!
• Learn how to fill your wellness practice, all your workshops and events:
   Live your purpose and make more money while helping people heal.
• Discover how to lead and speak with power and grace:
    Confidently step into the holistic leadership that’s waiting for you!

Welcome to Your Thriving Holistic Business!

Here's what you'll learn at the conference...

Your Holistic 
Business Plan

Create the bigger vision for your business and your life.

Fill Your Practice
& Your Workshops

Learn my system for how I've filled over 1000 workshops

Powerful Speaking Essentials

Step into the leader you are: Learn to speak, lead and thrive! 

The Women's Holistic Business Conference is valued at $597
but you have special access to claim one of our FULL SCHOLARSHIP spots now. 

Click one the link to pay your $100 fully-refundable seat deposit. (Your deposit confirms your commitment, we will give you your full $100 back at the door!)

I'm making it as easy as possible for women to come together and get this valuable training: Health and wellness is the next trillion dollar industry and it's time for women to rise together and lead in business from a place of women's holistic healing values!

4pm Friday, November 2 through 4pm Sunday, November 

Day 1: Friday November 2
Intention, Vision, Clarity

Where do you want your business to be a year from now? What's your dream? How will you create a business that fits into your life?
• Intention
• Vision
• Mission
• Message
• Clarity
• Purpose
• Authentic Networking

Day 2: Saturday, November 3
Thrive thrive thrive

• Your Holistic Business Plan for 2019
• Mindful Marketing
• Workshop filling formula

Day 3: Sunday, November 4
Step forward

Fill your practice
Powerful Speaking
Get ready to rise and thrive

Your Guide: 
Elizabeth Beeds, Holistic Business Mentor

Empowering women to stand in their strength as holistic leaders, Elizabeth Beeds is a mentor and trainer for women in business. Through 25 years as a wellness entrepreneur, she founded Interior Wellness Magazine, Interior Wellness Festival, Mountain Spirit Festival and the Women’s Holistic Business Academy.

Elizabeth is trained as a holistic practitioner in many modalities including massage, herbal healing, reiki, energy healing and meditation to name a few. She has worked as a martial arts instructor; yoga teacher; nutritionist; wilderness guide; transformational event leader; yoga studio and wellness centre owner. 

Elizabeth is a powerful, heart-centred mentor for women in business: she trains holistic practitioners to lead their own transformational workshops and to make money doing what they love while helping people heal.

Elizabeth Beeds
Creator of Women's Holistic Business Academy 

The Location: Sparkling Hill Resort

This Luxury Resort and Spa is nestled in the hills in the middle of British Columbia, Canada.
It is incredible, magical and relaxing retreat for you to build your business in!

The Rooms

The Spa

Sign up and start transforming your life and your business

Just claim your seat and the rest of the steps will be outlined for you. Your seat in the conference is paid for when you apply for one of our limited number of scholarships. (just your $100 seat confirmation is needed - refunded as soon as you arrive)

You are responsible for booking your own room and taking care of your meals. All the details about booking your room will be given to you as soon as you apply.

On the facebook event page  you'll be able to connect with roommates and ride shares. We are going to have a fun, rejuvenating and inspiring weekend together!

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